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Re: X11R6

On Wed, 3 Sep 1997, Horacio Suarez wrote:

> I apreciate your help.
> Last night, in a desperate moment, I installed Red Hat 4.2, because I
> need a linux running now. I will install Debian in another partition in
> the same disk. I need to know what is exactly that I have to download
> from the Debian FTP site for a succesful (happy) instalation. 	
> Thankyou in advance!!

Here's what I still have around about the 1.2 Infomagic cdrom:
The first one doesn't exist anymore, but the second one is still
available (just checked that.)

Van:    John M. Rulnick[SMTP:rulnick@beaver.wpi.edu]
Verzonden:      dinsdag 31 december 1996 1:06
Aan:    debian-user@lists.debian.org
Onderwerp:      Re: List of installation problems for 1.2

O.K., here's a first cut (thanks mostly to Dale Scheetz's earlier post
for the initial content): 


Please send me updates/corrections (or better yet, take it over from
me  ;-)


Van:    Zenon Fortuna[SMTP:zenon@best.com]
Verzonden:      dinsdag 7 januari 1997 4:14
Aan:    debian-user@lists.debian.org
Onderwerp:      InfoMagic-LDR.Dec96 - works great!

Reading the "debian-user" list for a while I am convinced, that statements
like "this CD ROM is OK", "that CD ROM is bad" are purely subjective.

My experiences with the "InfoMagic LINUX Developer's Resource", Dec 1996,
are very positive. I am very grateful to InfoMagic for Great Collection
of useful files and very well organized Linux distributions.

Below, I list step-by-step my recent installation to prove, that having
the "InfoMagic LDR" one can install a decent Debian 1.2 system without
contacting more recent ftp resources.

<No, I snipped it>

This text can be obtained from

Good luck,


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