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rootfs on /dev/sdf1


one more time i installed linux.
Debian 1.3.1 ! nice, fine, stable...

I had a big problem booting the first time after installing the base
system. I made a boot disk, but it can't find my root fs.

VFS: cannot mount root fs 00:00
Kernal panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs 00:00

because rootfs is on /dev/sdf (in real life my room is a big black hole,
collection everything). When i switch off one or two hd's, and rootfs
become /dev/sdd1, all is working fine. 

workaround: i have a old, working system on /dev/sda1. if i boot this, and
write lilo from there on /dev/sdf , i can boot.

Jens Kerle				e-mail: jkerle@fh-heilbronn.de
WWW: http://venus.rz.fh-heilbronn.de/~jkerle/	IRC: nick mars in #hp48
FTP: ftp://ftp.fh-heilbronn.de/pub/system/hp48

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