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Re: [OFF-TOPIC] RC5 challenge Config & Performance

Ferenc Kiraly wrote:
>         Hi!
> > Tan Wee Yeh wrote,
> > :Indeed it does but we have a lot of catching up to do... Apple's
> > :rate is currently 6 time that of ours... pls refer to:
> > :     http://rc5stats.distributed.net/emtop100.idc
> > :I'm pumping in 1 alpha500 + 2 PPro 200 + 1 P200mmx.
> >                   ^^^^^^^^
> > Bad news, this does not seem to be running.  I checked the
> > process and the guy is kinda stalled.  Anybody successfully
> > ran the client for an OSF??
> As long as you're asking ... Has anyone successfully ran the client
> on a HP Apolo 700 running HP-UX 10?? I have 3 available machines.

Should we be identifying ourselves as Linux when on non Linux platforms ? 

If this is OK, then I can probably get some time on a Sun (assuming there's a 
suitable Solaris package available) in addition to 14 hours a day on my home 

For anyone who's not yet looked at this. It is really easy to get running, a simple 
cron entry will take care of all the transfers and there's no noticable difference 
in performance of my 486DX100 server at home.

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