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Re: Undefined reference to '...'

On 8859 xxx 2001, Orn E. Hansen wrote:

Orn, your mailer is formatting dates in a way that pine doesn't understand

> On 02-Sep-97 David B. Teague wrote:
> >
> >you will find a big section that explains how to do the template
> >instantantiation with the template class and implementation in separate
> >files.
> >
> >There are pragmas for this, and the technique taht Borland C++ uses for
> >this works (according to the info files). I use the pragmas. 
> >
>  How do you use the pragmas?  The info for GCC is very vague on this, and
> no examples.  As far as I can read, you use the '#pragma interface' in
> the header file.  And '#pragma implementation "headerfile"' in the .C
> file that does the implementation?

Take a look at egcs, they apparently have -frepo working which is a very
good solution to template instantiations.

I recommend when using 2.7 to either live with the huge executable sizes
generated by doing nothing or use -fno-implicit-templates and define all
templates in a separate file that is not compiled with

The pragma solution is evil and non-portable imho :<


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