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Problem with floppy install

I'm trying to install debian on a laptop system. I partitioned the
lone 500MB hard drive and installed Win95 and that's up and
running. Now I have a 20MB partition for swap and a 200MB partition
for linux. I pop in the rescue diskette and it boots fine, the
installation procedure sets up the partitions (swap and ext2) without
a hitch, but now, I'm at the "Install Operating System Kernel and
Modules". It asks me to select the install medium, which is /dev/fd0
(the only floppy drive). The procedure then prompts me to insert the
Rescue diskette, which is already in the drive, and then it gives me
the following error:

Installing from rescue floppy ...
./install.sh: Can't open ./install.sh

The attempt to extract the rescue floppy failed.

Needless to say, nothing is installed and when I get back to the
installation menu it wants to try the same thing over, and it
continually fails with the same error.

Laptop Specs:

IBM Thinkpad 755C
500MB Hard Disk (280MB for Win95, 20MB linux swap, 200MB linux ext2)
1 1.44MB 3.5" floppy drive
Xircom parallel port ethernet adapter
14.4 PCMCIA Modem/Fax
Adaptec 1460 (I think that's the number) PCMCIA SCSI Adapter

User Specs (all dates and numbers approximate):

Unix user since 1989
System adminstrator experience since 1991
Linux user since v0.90 kernel
Debian user since 1996

Any suggestions? Maybe I'll try installing from a Win95 partition
(FAT16), but the problem with the floppies bugs me!

Gary Hennigan

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