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Re: ppp connection

>>>>> "d" == Dave Cinege <dcinege@psychosis.com> writes:

d> On Mon, 1 Sep 1997 12:22:59 -0400 (EDT), Paul Miller wrote:
>> I have a cable modem that goes down once and awhile and I want to be able
>> to dialup when it is down.  I have a ppp-on script setup and I can
>> connect (ppp0 is listing when I type ifconfig).. unfortchantly I can't do
>> anything through that interface -- not even ping; I guess it is only
>> using eth0.. How can I fix this?

d> Change your default route to use ppp0. Your network settings will also
d> have to change accordingly.

Depending on what "once and awhile" means, you might consider shutting down
the interface using `ifconfig' and then firing up your PPP interface.  I
        $ /sbin/ifconfig eth0 down

and then start my PPP connection.  To bring your interface back up, look in
the `/etc/init.d/network' file, find the statement which configures `eth0'
and execute it.  All the `ifconfig' statements must be run as `root'.

d> You really need some sort of daemon to handle this properly.

This would be helpful.  I often carry my machine from work to home where I
have dialup access and I have to muck around after the machines boots to get
it to work properly.  Does anyone know of such a beast?
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