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Re: Monitor?

On Mon, 1 Sep 1997, PATRICK DAHIROC wrote:

> Hi
> I was checking out the values of the environmental values of my system and
> noticed that TERM=linux when I 'echo $TERM' is this the correct value or
> is this value dependent on my monitor.  If it is dependent on the monitor
> how do I choose the correct value?

Linux is the generally correct $TERM setting for use on linux boxes.  If
you telnet into another system (a unix box,  for example) you may have to
set it to "vt100" or something else,  but that should be handled at login
to the remote machine.

$TERM describes the type of terminal you have,  NOT the type of monitor.
Under *nix,  a terminal is a set of display attributes (color/mono,  etc.)
and cursor attributes (can I use the arrow keys,  how do I clear the
> > My monitor is able to shut it self off it not in use after a certain
> period of time under Win95.  Is there an equivalent feature for Win95?

You can do this with <xset> in Xwindows.  See <man xset>,  but you
basically do something like

xset dpms 200 400 600 

or whatever you want the values (in seconds,  I think) to be for blank
screen,  standby mode,  and power down mode.

I'm not sure if there's a way to do it from a non-x terminal.


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