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Re: [OFF-TOPIC] RC5 challenge Config & Performance

Nicola Bernardelli wrote,
:     Just a P90 here, dial in PPP 2-6 times a day. It has been doing that
:only task this night (and so will in the next ones) and in about 7 hours
:it seems it has done 12 blocks and 50% of another.
:     In these days I have to read tons of docs, debian and PostgreSQL, and
:do a very few things computationally expensive. Before I used my idle time
:running pov to build up some stereoscopic sequences from xaero and test
:some kind of "decoupage" when assembling different points of view. But
:this challenge is exciting, it may be won by the Linux community indeed, I
:think, if even a relatively small part of us gives some CPU-time. 
:Bedises, the RC5 client does not really appear to affect what is being
:done in "non-idle"  time, it must be practically stopped when anything
:else is being done. 

Indeed it does but we have a lot of catching up to do... Apple's
rate is currently 6 time that of ours... pls refer to:
I'm pumping in 1 alpha500 + 2 PPro 200 + 1 P200mmx.

	Just me,
	Wire ...
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