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Re: Problem with module after recompile

"Michael Legart" <120010307627@post5.tele.dk> writes:


> > What were the errors?  If they were about signal 11 and/or 6, that's
> > usually a sign of bad memory (cache in your case); it happens often
> > with kernel compiles.  
> Yep... signal 11. Does that mean, that there's something wrong with 
> my cache memory? - or could it be because I have this strange 
> motherboard: 486-GIO-VT2 with VIA GMC VT85C486A PC/AT chipset ? 

More likely the former, or settings on the latter.  Here's the web
site: <URL:http://www.bitwizard.nl/sig11/>.

> Understand why i'm looking forward to buying a asus mainboard with 
> intel chipset, and pentium II processor ?

I did the same, but only to a motherboard without any brand I can
find, with an Intel chipset and Pentium 166.  I gave most of the old
one to my brother, and set up IP masquerading for him on my new one.

      Carey Evans  <*>  http://home.clear.net.nz/pages/c.evans/

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