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fsck from cron?

Hi all!
I had a problem on a debian box (not related to debian, I think it's hardware)
but I'd like to ask here anyway. 
It's a 1.1 debian box with some upgrade to 1.2, pentium 166/64MB ram, ide disk
and aha2940+dat tape (I know, I know server should never use ide - I'll switch
to SCSI as soon as retailers open after summer vacations).
The problem was fs error totally blocking the machine.

After a bad day spent fsck'ing an ide disk with file system inconsistencies
(was that the word?) I was wondering if/how was possible to do some kind of
scheduled-fsck checks for those machines that never reboot (well, almost never),
something done weekly, monthly .. That would not eliminate fs errors (I have
never seen fs errors on a linux box in 4 years), but would catch them early and
on a regular base.
I think this can be quite tricky, since when you check / you have nothing to
write to (no mail/log file), and I'm not so sure what the best check order
would be (check / first, check it last), and I don't know if cron can be run
on a system in that state.

Before the crash, that system showed strange messages that were never logged
anywhere. I don't have them, since I was not there when machine stopped, but
I wonder why file system inconsistencies are not logged. Some weeks ago we
had messages saying something like "bad pdm .." I wrote it on a piece of paper,
so I can send it if this can help understand what happened. Those messages
were not logged too (that's why I understimated them).

Thanks for your help/suggestion/comments. Thanks to all developers for their
gooood work.

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