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exmh problems; charset=us-ascii

I've tried to solve this from the faq, but it only hints at solutions.

exmh: Scanning for nested folders ...
BgRegister X server insecure (must use xauth-style authorization); command 

The faq refers to recompiling over xauthority.  I seriously doubt this is necessary (or, there would be different dependency requirements).  I have the tk41 & tk42 packages installed on a stable 1.3 system.

2)  getting data from a pop server.  

If I'm reading the faq right, I need to set up .xmhcheck.  I have the following file:

inbox /usr/spool/mail/hawk
inbox pop-3.iastate.edu rhawkins

and the .netrc file

machine pop-3.iastate.edu login rhawkins password mypasswordhere

inc gets the mail on this machine, but not the pop-3 mail.

I'm sure i'm missing something obvious here . . .


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