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Configuring apache

Good evening fellow Debian user!

I'm running into trouble and I'm really clueless with apache.

What I want to have is the following scenario:

a) Webserver on Port 80
   . with /var/www/ as DocumentRoot and
   . with /usr/lib/cgi-bin as CGI-Bin directory
b) Webserver on Port 2000
   . with /usr/www/ as DocumentRoot and
   . with /usr/cgi-bin as CGI-Bin directory

The question now is: how to do.

Both servers have to run on the same machine and on the same ip

What I have tried so far is:

#<VirtualHost   kuolema.infodrom.north.de>
#<VirtualHost   kuolema.infodrom.north.de:5555>
ServerAdmin     joey@noc.infodrom.org
DocumentRoot    /usr/www
ServerName      kuolema.infodrom.north.de
ErrorLog        /var/log/apache/b.error
TransferLog     /var/log/apache/b.access
Port            2000

But this doesn't work.

The documentation of apache notes:

   You can specify a :port to change the port that is matched. If
   unspecified then it defaults to the same port as the most
   recent [162]Port statement of the main server. You may also specify
   :* to match all ports on that address. (This is
   recommended when used with _default_.)

I would appreciate any help but please try first.



 / Martin Schulze                      http://home.pages.de/~joey/
/ Linux - the choice of a GNU generation          joey@linux.de /

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