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Re: sound module: /dev/audio: Device or resource busy

> > >  i am experiencing strange behavior when attempting to load sound
> > >  support as a module.  i have a debian 1.3.1 system and a SB
> > >  AWE-64 PNP card, which i have installed using the isapnptools.
> > >  the fact
> Check if something like NAS (network audio system) is started.  This
> is a demon that blocks /dev/dsp (and all the other) and gives network
> wide access to your soundcard.  Just check if there is a
> /etc/init.d/nas file, if so try
>         /etc/init.d/nas stop
> and try access /dev/audio after this.
>         Torsten

thanks - NAS was the problem!  it must have been automatically
taking over /dev/audio and /dev/dsp from boot, preventing other
usage of these drivers


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