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help - 1.3 upgrade killed XFree86

Yesterday I used the dselect/ftp method to upgrade my machine from
Debian Linux 1.2 to
1.3.  The system is now running 1.3, but X doesn't work anymore.  

Normally I have xdm starting at boot time; now the screen never comes up
but the relays inside the monitor click about every second and there is
a flash on the screen.  I assumed something changed in the S3 driver (I
am using Stealth64/DRAM).  I disabled xdm at startup and did a

"startx > /tmp/x.out 2>&1" 

to capture the error messages at startup and came up with some things I
have never seen before, like

"error opening security policy file

What is this?  If anyone is interested and can help, I can email the
full x.out file for your perusal.


Ken Gaugler,     Systems Engineer
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