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Re: Using a Sun keyboard to a PC?

> From jorgen.hagg@axis.com Mon Aug 18 19:47:48 1997
> I was wondering if anyone has been able to connect a
> Sun keyboard to a PC?

Yes, I know of few people. They used a self made converter.

> It ought to be possible since Linux can run on Sparc.
> But maybe the hardware is completely different?

That's right. 
AFAIK PC keyboard interface is synchron (uses one bidirectional
data wire) and Sun's one is asynchron (two wires, transmit and receive).

> Any hint?

Check this one:


You will find there a rather sparse description of a converter which
should do the job. Although the circuit might look easy it requires
from you some amount of electronic skill. If you don't have it do what
I did: find a friend who has some :-)
Seriously speeking, few days ago I built the converter and yesterday 
evening managed to program the eeprom in the microcontroller.
This morning I gave it to a professional for debugging because it
doesn't work :-(

I will let you know as soon as there is some progress.
> -- 
> /Jörgen Hägg
> postmaster@axis.com


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