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Re: How to change the default X visual?

H Huang <h.huang@usa.net> writes:

> I've only got a grey scale monitor, and would like to change the
> default X visual of my Debian box to GrayScale. How do I do that?
> Thanks for your help.

Take a look at the manual page for XF86Config:

               Visual "visual-name"
                   This  optional  entry  sets  the  default root
                   visual type.  This may also be specified  from
                   the command line (see Xserver(1)).  The visual
                   types  available  for  8bpp  X   servers   are
                   (default is PseudoColor):

The correct location is the Screen section in the /etc/X11/XF86Config

Be sure to change the correct Screeen section, e.g. when using an
accelerated Server use the Section with the Driver "accel" entry.


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