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Re: qmail 1.01 package

Paul Miller <paul@www.3dillusion.com> wrote:
> Larry Riedel <larryr@ucsd.edu>
> > > Is there a qmail 1.01 package?  I couldn't find one in any of the
> > > contrib/non-free/stable/unsable directories.
> > 
> > I found one in project/experimental and it works great.
> I just installed the package and it works even worst then the one I
> compiled.  If I send a message to another local user, it doesn't make
> it... in fact, it doesn't even get into the alias/Mailbox file.

When comparing qmail from the .deb file to what I had using the
standard .tar.gz distribution, I found it worked as advertised
in both cases.

I don't know if the installation script asks the right questions
to set up a working system.  I think qmail provides a lot of power
for relatively little complexity, but there is some complexity.  I
configured it per the documentation after installing it, so maybe
it does not work intuitively right out of the .deb file.


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