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Re: samba/wins

I found out what was wrong.. it didn't like the hostname I gave it --
invalid.. so I changed it and everything works..


On Wed, 13 Aug 1997, Michael Stone wrote:

> Quoting Paul Miller (paul@www.3dillusion.com):
> > For some reason or another samba stopped working.. it no longer creates
> > the server.dat and wins.dat in the /var/lock/samba directory.  Instead it
> > contains a file called SHARE_MEM_FILE and SHARE_MEM_FILE.processes.
> Hmm. Those are the files that control file locking. They should 
> be there. 
> What do you mean by 'it stopped working?' I.e., can you connect
> with smbclient, or is this only a problem with browsing. Do you
> get any error message? Have you tried running testparm to see
> if your config files are corrupted? Did you kill the smbd and
> nmbd after you changed the names? Also, I thought that the 
> shared memory stuff was introduced with the .17alphas (I'm going
> from memory, so that may not be right.) If that's the case, and
> you think you are running .16p11, you might see if you have a 
> version conflict.
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