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Re: Debugging pine sessions

On Thu, 7 Aug 1997, Santiago Vila Doncel wrote:

> But it will still create those ugly .pine-debug files. I could be wrong,
> but the only way to disable creation of these files is by not using DEBUG.

Pine is a mail-reading client, which is frequently being used to connect
to servers over which one has no control or influence. An analogous piece
of software might be mgetty. I think there'd be plenty of complaints if
mgetty couldn't log its conversations.

Anybody who is offended by the 'ugly' debug files (which are, after all,
hidden) can easily delete in the many ways that unix provides; wrapper,
cron, etc.

> Anyway, since the current Debian pine release (3.96L-3) is source-only and
> you have to compile it by yourself, you can do whatever changes before
> compiling.

I thought Debian existed partly to avoid all that. That's why most people
are using the binary distributions. Again, if the experts are offended by
the debug files, they can easily take any actions they feel may be necessary.
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