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installing debian packages to an other fs as root


Is it possible to use dpkg to install debian packages to an other
filesystem as /root?

I might need to install a new base system onto a free partition in
order to get my broken debian system fixed without to much hassle. I
would then like to boot this base system and install working base
packages over the broken ones in my broken system.

I therefore want to mount this broken system under e.g. /I-am-a-idiot/
and then tell dpkg to just install the packages there... then
installing libreadline2 onto my broken system again might already get
it so far that I can boot it.

Ideally I would like a way to get it to boot from a rescue discs, but
I dont think that this is possible as I have to get the packages from
the internet cause the cd-rom drive is broken and I have only Debian
1.2 CD.

|_| _ |o _  _  Martin Steigerwald
| |(/_||(_)_>  http://home.pages.de/~helios

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