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Re: Problems when booting from the OfficialCD

Nils Inge Lilleheie <Nils.I.Lilleheie@energy.sintef.no> writes:

> I have problems when I try to boot from the (binary) official CD on the 
> Digital Celebris GL180 PC's.
> The PC recognize the CD to be bootable and displays:
>    LDLINUX.SYS 1.30 96/11/04 Copyright (C) 1994-96 H. Peter Arvin
> on the screen, but nothing more happens......

The same thing happened to me on an HP Pavilion, but I lost access to
the machine before I could look into it any more.

I could load Linux from the CD by using the batch file to run LOADLIN.

This was with 1.3.1 from CheapBytes.

		Carey Evans  <*>  c.evans@clear.net.nz

"[UNIX] appears to have the inside track on being the replacement for
  CP/M on the largest microcomputers (e.g. those based on 68000...)"

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