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Re: finger daemons

A. M. Varon writes:

> > directories -- I noticed that adding support to open user files as root
> > and then switch to nobody was *LAST* on their TODO list.  Are there any
> > other finger daemons that have this support and are as good as cfingerd?
> > 
> > Also, thanks to all those users who tried to help me w/ cfingerd earilier
> > on this list.
> You could install cfingerd-1.3.2.noroot.tar.gz. Install and compile it. 
> Available at your nearest sunsite mirrors worldwide.
> It's basically a hacked cfingerd which enables it to run as nobody. Tested
> and it, and I'm very satisfied with it. 

But will probably not fix the problem that he seems to need a cfingerd
which opens the files as *root*.


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