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Re: splitting up the debian-user mailing list

On Tue, 5 Aug 1997, Christian Lynbech wrote:

> I like the topics idea very much, if we can get people to use it (at
> least some of the time :-). It would make it very much easier to
> filter the group, whether it is visually or automatically. And it is a
> good idea, regardless of whether the list is split or not.
> However, I would to extend the proposal by adding the topics
> 	[<package>]

I think that this is too complicated for people, particularly newbies, to
have to remember.  Remember, they probably feel timid at first anyhow in
the fear that their question is trivial and might get slammed with an RTFM
response but to then get slammed because they did not properly format the
subject line of the posting is a bit much.

What WOULD help a LOT is something that the ml.org mailing lists do.  The
list management software (I think they are using majordomo on redhat
linux) prepends an abbreviation of the list that is sending the message to
the Subject: header so that you can see at a glance which list the message
came from.  e.g. Their systalk mailing list for various administration
issues prepends [ST] to each message.  Debian might do something like [DU]
or [USER] or [HELP] so that someone quickly scanning their inbox can
choose what to respond to and what can wait till later. (I would check
help first and then chek user later).

George Bonser
Why is it that the same people that tell us that manned space flight
is a waste of money also tell us that we have been visited by aliens?

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