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Weird PPP problem

I've been able to established ppp connection using the following two

pppd connect "chat -v blah blah blah blah"

pppd connect "chat -v -f my_chat_script_file"

(All the ppp options are specified in ~/.ppprc)

However I was unable to set up the connection using:

pppd connect chat.sh

where chat.sh is a shell script that runs chat to make connection:

    # my chat.sh file

    /usr/sbin/chat -v blah blah blah blah

The expect-send pairs in this file are exactly like those in the chat
scripts in (1) and (2).  I wanted to use this method because there are a
dozen phone numbers I can dial into my ISP, and I want to pass these phone
numbers as argument to chat.sh, so that I don't have to create multiple
chat scripts which are virtually the same except the phone number.

This method is detailed in PPP-HOWTO. The ppp source package also includes
ppp-on, ppp-on-dialer scripts that are based on this method. However I
notice these sample scripts are not included in the debian ppp bianary
package, which makes me wonder if some features have been disable in the
debian distributions of ppp or bash due to some reasons (secuity?). Maybe
the debian maintainers can answer this.

Each time I typed:
       pppd connect chat.sh

the process failed very quickly. The whole ppp.log is as follow:

Aug  4 20:22:25 huifang pppd[1644]: pppd 2.2.0 started by hhuang, uid 1000
Aug  4 20:22:26 huifang pppd[1644]: Connect script failed
Aug  4 20:22:26 huifang pppd[1644]: Exit.

The expect-send pairs shouldn't have any problem, since I've been able to
connect using methods (1) and (2). And I've checked chat.sh a thousand
times, the shell script should be free of syntax errors.

Any help appreciated.

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