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Re: Accessing NTFS partition.

On 2 Aug 1997, Philip Rangel wrote:

> Hi paulo!
> well i think i've seen a debian pkg in projekts/experimental 
> but haven't tried out this nor the original.
> the original program is from:
> Martin von Lvwis
> loewis@informatik.hu-berlin.de
> and as sombody else said it is very alpha.
> I didn't get from your message if you can boot NT and not acces the
> partition. 
I can't boot NT. I have a program (shareware) called 'TIRAMISU' that scan
the disk and find NTFS partitions. When I run the program, I can see all
the files are there, intact. Since the program is shareware it doesn't
allow me to copy the files. I just can see it.

> But if you just can't boot you could try to get another HD install NT 
> on it and try to acces. 

I'm going to try that. I've never thought in this solution. Thanks


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