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Re: Swap Space

On Thu, 24 Jul 1997, Shaleh wrote:

> I agree that the 3x swap rule makes little sense on high end systems.  A
> guru friend of mine explained it as "if the kernel needs to swap out
> your memory it might have to swap the whole thing so you should plan for
> that".  He believes you should use 1.5x your RAM on high end sytems ( >=
> 32 MB).  I think I will simply go with a 65MB partition to keep it
> even.  I had posted about the Enlightemment WM -- is no one using it?  I
> have seen very few responses.  Any other nice WM's out there?  My only
> (minimal) experience is with fvwm a year and a half ago on Slackware
> 2.0.

I just use the limit of 128MB per swap partition as a guiding rule.  Since
it's actually slightly less than 128MB, I use 120MB, and use more swap
partitions if I actually need it (not that I have, but I did have a second
area on "templinux" just in case).

Back when templinux was only 32MB of RAM, I had experienced 57MB of swap
usage.  Normal operations put me quite close to the 32MB barrier, and
simultaneous action on my backups of the debian mailing lists and two
separate instances of mirror running (I was migrating to a new disk drive
at the time) put me deep into swap.  The machine actually ran well until
it had to swap, but recovered quickly once the big tasks settled down.


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