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Distributing a procmail filter (was: Re: splitting up the...)

On 4 Aug 1997, Mike Miller wrote:

> >>>>> "brandon" == Brandon Mitchell <bhmit1@mail.wm.edu> writes:
>     > If people who read debian-{novice,help,install,newbie} set
>     > up a procmail filter that removes cross postings, and this
>     > is made known, [...]
>          ^^^^^^^^^^
> This sounds like a good idea here.  What if a Debian package were
> available that set up a filter for the mailing lists so that
> sorting would be "easier" for new users?  This would require
> someone to be trusted not to editorialize too much in the filter,
> but perhaps it could be done.  

I've been trying to get in touch with the c.o.l.a. moderator (I'm pretty 
sure that's who it was) to get permission to add a modified version of 
his procmail filter to /usr/doc/procmail/examples.  It includes things 
like blacklist, whitelist, vacation, newsgroup filters, etc.  However, I 
haven't had a response so I may just send it to the procmail maintainer 
to see what he/she thinks.

> Another idea/question - can a filter explode messages from
> debian-user-digest?

There's a debian package for this, try looking through the packages file 
for digest.  I know I've seen it before.


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