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Re: Libc6 Upgrade Howto?

On Mon, 4 Aug 1997, Steve Phillips wrote:

> > Is there a HOWTO on howto upgrade from 1.3.x to unstable with libc6?
> > I'm the new maintainer for uudeview and now have a machine available to
> > run as a developement machine.  I tried to upgrade to unstable with
> > dselect, first upgrading dpkg, but just ran into a maze of dependicies
> > that left my machine a mess.  I had to re-install 1.3.1 on it.
> > 
> > Whats the trick to this?

I did the same thing. Ended up with about 100 broken packages. I was able
to fix it without reinstalling from scratch. I could describe what I did
if anybody is interested. It involved having a spare partition where I
installed the 1.3.1 base system, plus the ability to boot DOS to download
the 1.3.1 install disk set which I didn't have on my machine.


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