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RE: Accessing NTFS partition.


I think there is a utility to do this in linux but it may be alpha code.
Look around on sunsite for it.  It think it would be in some directory named

Also there are some utilities that allow you to have read only access to NTFS
drive from DOS/Windows[3.1,95]

You can find these at http://www.ntinternals.com and if this is not what you
need take  a look at that web page any way because it may give you some

I hope this small amount of info helps.

On 01-Aug-97 Paulo Ramos wrote:
>Hi people,
>Unfortunally, I have to work with Window$ NT (Not There). Four weeks ago,
>NT crash, freezing the computer (crash proof, they say), so I press the
>reset button. After that, when NT is starting up, in the blue screen
>appear a message saying that NT can't acess the disk. The hard disk as two
>partitions, 20 MB primary partition in FAT format and a 180 MB extended
>partition in NTFS. In the NTFS partition I have all my work (one year of
>work) and no backup. When this happen I contact Micro$oft support, but
>they know less then me. Since I read that debian is capable of access NTFS
>partition, can any one tell me how I can do that?
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