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Re: Libc6 Upgrade Howto?


> The bash upgrade broke some of the scripts i had, after a while i
> found out i had to change this line:
>   . $BASE || { echo -e "\a base file missing"; exit 1 }
> to
>   . $BASE || { echo -e "\a base file missing"; exit 1 
> 	}
> is there any other known differences between the different versions.
> I updated the following packages 
> ii  bash            2.0-3          The GNU Bourne Again SHell

get 2.01-xxx from Incoming. Lots of small bug fixed.

> ii  locales         2.0.4-1        Locale data files and utilities.

i still refuse to install locales. Can someone tell me
why it's required by ..., not recomended? I'm quite happy
with C locales.

> when trying to install libc5 5.4.33-5 the postinst-script exits with
> an error, the problem seems to be when setting up some of the locales
> stuff. After commenting the offending lines 
> #do_locale fr_BE ISO-8859-1
> #do_locale gr_GR ISO-8859-7
> #do_locale hr_HR ISO-8859-4
> #do_locale iw_IL ISO-8859-8
> #do_locale kl_GL ISO-8859-1
> #do_locale nl_BE ISO-8859-1
> #do_locale ro_RO ISO-8859-1
> #do_locale ru_RU ISO-8859-5
> i coudlt set up libc5. I know this isn't the right solution
> but i found no other way. Maybe sombody can tell me where else to
> look. 

i for myself came back to 5.4.33-3


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