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Re: mail encrypting/pgp

Paul Miller wrote

> I noticed that almost everyone on this list uses pgp.. I installed the
> debian package and I'm wondering how do auto-encrypt/decrypt all my mail.
> I use pine (pinepgp package) and netscape communicator 4.01b6

For pine, set

	display-filters=_BEGINNING("-----BEGIN PGP")_ /usr/lib/pinepgp/check 
	sending-filters=/usr/lib/pinepgp/crypt _TMPFILE_ _RECIPIENTS_, 
/usr/lib/pinepgp/sign _TMPFILE_, /usr/lib/pinepgp/auto _TMPFILE_ _RECIPIENTS_

in your ~/.pinerc and activate "compose-send-offers-first-filter" in pine's 
[S]etup-[C]onfig menu. This will automatically encrypt outgoing messages if 
you have the recipient's public key, decrypt incoming messages if they have 
been encrypted using your public key, display the status of pgp signatures, 
and add pgp public keys contained in incoming messages to your keyring.


PS. Just to test your setup, this message is pgp signed and my public key is 

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Stefan Baums
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