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Re: Debian-lite


On 31-Jul-97 George Bonser wrote:
>On Thu, 31 Jul 1997, Mario Olimpio de Menezes wrote:
>>      I think would be a not good idea to have a OS been installed
>> without graphics interface nowadays. The great appeal of the others OS is
>> exactly their nice interface and trying to convince somebody, mainly a
>> newbie, to change to a powerful OS, but w/o X is, at least, harder. 
>>      XFree should be a default installation in Debian-Lite.
>What I had in mind to do for the local distribution that I was going to
>make was fvwm and a nice set of default menus. The default X install can
>be made a little nicer than Debian because I would only give them one
>choice .... X or no X with fvwm installed as the window manager if they
>choose it.
>George Bonser
>Why is it that the same people that tell us that manned space flight
>is a waste of money also tell us that we have been visited by aliens?

Even better, I think would be a realy nicely, but not overly complicated, setup
Afterstep, or (future version or) WindowMaker.

And possibly have the install program tailor the config files for the
windowmanager specificly for the programs installed.

Perhaps choose a default setup for Wharf (or the dock) with some of the most
often used apps and if the user didn't install some have it check for that and
substitute another app and an Icon to go with it.

And do the same with the pull up menues, just add more applications.

But I think the key to attracting and keeping newbies is good and plentifull
documentation.   And if aimed at newbies, not assuming a whole lot of prior
Unix experience.

Just  my thoughts.

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