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Re: questions on CD ROM

On Wed, 30 Jul 1997, Pat Masterson wrote:

>  During the 1.3 install, I am asked for specifics about my creative
> labs CD. Mine runs off the soundblaster card entirely, so what do
> I anser to the IO port, and IRQ questions? Do I mention the blaster's
> IRQ number? And what driver module should I install for this guy; the
> generic CDROM or a specific one (or both?). Thanks. -Pat

I rid myself of the Creative CDROM before going to Debian, so am not sure
what the choices are for installation, but you want the sbpcd driver if
that is available.  Recent versions of Red Hat have all sorts of problems
when trying to install from one of these drives.  Apparently the response
is so slow that the module unloads before the drive is recognized.
Hopefully Debian will not do this!

After installation, I STRONGLY advise recompiling the kernel, after
editing /usr/src/linux/include/linux/sbpcd.h in accordance with the
comments at the beginning of that file.   When asked,
"Support non-SCSI/IDE/ATAPI CDROM drives (CONFIG_CD_NO_IDESCSI) [N/y/?]"
Answer 'y' and then answer 'y' or 'm' to: 
Matsushita/Panasonic/Creative, Longshine, TEAC CDROM support
(CONFIG_SBPCD) [N/y/m/?] 

I do NOT recommend loading support for this CDROM drive as a module with
kerneld.  Either use insmod or compile support into the kernel ('y'
instead of 'm' in the example above).

Editing sbpcd.h will bypass the probing which sometimes causes problems
with the Creative drives.  Good information on the address, etc., can be
found in that file as well.

BTW, I replaced mine with an ATAPI IDE drive and have not regretted doing


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