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schizo@debian.org (Clint Adams) writes:

> You could conceivably just write a stripped-down IRC client that would use
> the standard IRC services.  But from what I've heard about ICQ, everyone's
> given a unique identifier, while IRC has that nick problem.

	user@host is usually reliably unique.

	Actually, IRC uses this too if you look at the implemented
protocols (not the RFC-- it's too far out of date).  nick!user@host is a
full user specifier guaranteed uniqe (ignoring spoofing for the moment)
used by the servers.  It would make sense if IRC would simply drop the
unique nickname requirement; but alas, 'tis not to be.

	That said, you still require a centralized registration point(s);
both ICQ and Powwow do this.  Who's going to commit permanent resources?

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