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netatalk: afpd breaks when incorrect password entered


There seems to be a problem with netatalk 1.4b2-4. Whenever someone
enters an incorrect password when trying to connect to afpd from a
mac, these messages appear in /var/log/daemon.log:

Jul 23 18:04:59 wibble afpd[23764]: atp_sreq to (5) 4607.90:244
Jul 23 18:07:45 wibble afpd[23764]: kill: No such process
Jul 23 18:07:45 wibble afpd[23764]: asp_alrm: 28346 timed out

In this example, the incorrect password was entered at 18:04:59, from
which time afpd stopped answering requests. The final messages from
afpd were at 18:07:45.

Restarting afpd fixes the problem, but only until the next incorrect
password is entered. I've checked the Debian bug lists for netatalk,
and I believe this is bug number 10290 in the bug-tracking system.

Is anyone else getting this problem. Is anyone using afpd and *not*
getting this problem?

Tim Bell                                      .--_|\ 
bhat@cs.mu.oz.au                             /      \
Department of Computer Science               \_.--._/
University of Melbourne, Australia                 v

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