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Re: exmh mail?

: Francis Swasey wrote:
: > If you choose to use mh, you need to run (Oh rats, brain
: > failure--begins
: > with the letter "f" and replaces the popclient program) to pull the
: > mail
: > from your ISP into your /var/spool/mail/USERID mailbox.  Once the mail
: > is
: > there, mh/exmh can read it into your personal space.
: Hello,
: Do you think it is the debian package "fetchmail" that you refer to
: above?
: Victor

Or fetchpop, which I don't believe is packaged in .deb form (yet?) but is 
quite nice anyhow. Fairly simple POP client (don't think it can do multiple 
POP boxes), but it runs as a daemon, and can use procmail directly for mail 
delivery. I start it up from my .xsession...

fftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/linux/system/mail/pop/fetchpop-1.9.tar.gz if memory 
serves. :)

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