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Re: question on bo-updates: found on ldso security update

Todd Harper <toddh@nortel.ca> wrote:

: I would say that bo-updates is a holding tank for packages intended 
: to become part of Debian-1.3.2 when it gets released.  Consider it 
: the "unstable" part of "stable" until the testing group gives those
: packages its blessing.  If you need/want any of those packages, you
: will have to install them with dpkg by hand.

Well, this bo-updates thing is definitely different to what has been
done with previous Debian stable versions (1.1 - Buzz and 1.2 - Rex).

In previous versions, each time packages were updated to solve
security problems or critical bugs, a "point" release was made.
For example, if package mount was updated from x.y-1 to x.y-2,
Debian was updated from 1.2.3 to 1.2.4. The new packages
were placed in rex-updates and there was two different trees: rex
which contained 1.2 and rex-fixed that contained 1.2 with the
updates applied, this is, it was a real 1.2.4.

I don't know why the approach seems to have changed with Bo. Anyone has
any ideas?



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