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Re: Sendmail broken (Debian 1.3)

Good suggestion.  I think it is indeed timing out for want of a good
lookup.  Have host name in /etc/hosts but that doesn't help.  Now howto
hack sendmail into submission!  Does anybody know the simple fix to the
.cf file to make it run?  Thanks all!

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On 26 Jul 1997, Graham Hughes wrote:

> "D. W. Wieboldt" <dwiebold@cactus.org> writes:
> > I just built a new Debian 1.3 system from cdrom.  Lots of things are running
> > just fine, but somehow sendmail doesn't work.   I want sendmail on this one
> > so I can build a beeper gateway :-)  Does anybody have any clues about what
> > I should be looking for?
> Aah.  OK, here's the deal.  Sendmail is not hanging.  It is trying to
> do a local DNS lookup.  Since you probably aren't connected to the
> 'net 24/7, it spends a couple of minutes timing out.
> This happens to me a lot.  You have two options: put your hostname and
> IP address in /etc/hosts, or convince sendmail that it really doesn't
> need to do a DNS lookup.  The second I don't remember how to do, but I
> think you can manage it from the M4 stuff (which is good; .cf files
> are very very ugly).
> LPRng does this too, I note, but it isn't nearly as easy to fix.
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