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KDE install for Debian

Hi gang,

Well first let me start by saying I love what I see so far (so much 
that I am trying to figure out ways in contributing, ie Mirror 
Site, codeing as soon as I learn more about Qt etc.). I have two 
identical machines. One with Redhat linux and the other with Debian. 
I downloaded the distributions for both systems and installed. The 
RedHat system is running fine and dandy but the Debian system (at 
least the kwm, kpanel etc) either freeze or completely die. Does 
anyone else use the Debian version and got it to work? Is the deb 
version kept as up to date as the RPMs? I realize that the maintainer 
is doing these distributions on his/her own time but I can't get it 
to stay up as long as the Redhat 4.1. (BTW, I loaded 1.3.1 Debian).

Any help/advise would be appreciated.


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