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Re: modem

>>>>> "larry" == larry ives <lives@denunx0.berger.com> writes:

    larry> I have just installed Debian off of disks. During
    larry> installation I did set up the basic loopback for my network
    larry> even though my machine is not on a network. I want to get
    larry> my modem to dial up my ISP so that I can install some
    larry> Debian packages off of the ftp site. I can't seem to get my
    larry> modem to dial out. I'm using the ppp.chatscript with the
    larry> appropriate modifications but my log says that the chat
    larry> script is failing. I can't even hear my modem make an
    larry> attempt at dialing. Am I missing some thing?  

Ben's 3 Steps to EZ-PPP under Debian:

1) edit /etc/ppp.chatscript. Fill in blanks.

2) edit /etc/resolv.conf. Make sure there's a line:
   (replace with your ISP's nameserver's IP addy)

   chmod 644 /etc/resolv.conf to be sure everyone can read it

3) ln -s /dev/ttySX /dev/modem
   Replace X with the address of your modem. This number is 1 less
   than the COM port under DOS. (i.e. COM1 => /dev/ttyS0, COM2 =>
   /dev/ttyS1, et cetera)

Then just run 'pon' to dial up, and 'poff' to turn off and hang up.

'plog' will show you exactly what your modem's doing.

Good luck!

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