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Serial problems

Hi there,

I recently upgraded two Debian machines and installed it afrsh on two
others. They are all running 1.3.1

I found that when I installed it freshly the machines hang just after they
load the serial module. Both the machines this is happening too are fairly

Machine 1, medusa, is a PCI BIOS machine with 3 network cards on 9, 10 and
11. The network cards are PCI, so I don't believe there is an I/O address
conflict. I can't provide any more details on it at the moment cause it is
at work.

Machine 2, caliban, is a ISA/VLBUS machine with a network card
(io=0x240-0x25f, irq=10), soundblaster (io=0x220, irq=7) and adaptec 1542C
(io=0x330, irq=11). I don't have the soundblaster enabled under Linux yet.

Both machines have two ports, and both are located at the standard
locations (COM1/ttyS0: io=0x3f8, irq=4 and COM2:ttyS1: io=0x2f8 irq=3).
Both machine hang whenever the serial module is loaded into the kernel.

Are there some parameters I can pass to the serial module to stop it from
attempting to determine what is in my machine, but to just accept what I
ttell it? Has anyone else had similiar problems?


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