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Checking for logged on users

I'm experimenting with a timer on my home mail server.

I've got a simple script to dialup and send / receive mail & news.

The timer switches the system & modem on and waits then switches off. The system 
runs a closedown script via cron before the timer is due to switch off. When I'm 
running locally the timer will be on a manual override.

Any suggestions of how I can check in my closedown script to see if I've got any 
logged on users ? I use pop3, news, samba and ip masquerading from other machines 
and can safely assume that the timer will be on override when any of these services 
are active.


    Alex Monaghan   Network Support Analyst, Royal Mail Anglia
                    London Rd, Stevenage, SG1 1AA, UK
    Email           monaghaa@royalmail.co.uk 
    STD             01438 767081
    Postline        5811 7081

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