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Re: "1FA:" prompt at boot

At 11:31 AM 17/07/97 -0400, Chris Smith wrote:
>Ran the installation program from the official CD but when I try to boot 
>from the hard drive I get a "1FA:" prompt. What does this mean? More 
>importantly where can I find a list of such messages and there meanings?

The 1FA: at boot is actually a wrong setting configured in the
/etc/lilo.conf - what you're meant to get is a Lilo boot: prompt.  It's not
your fault though - it's the lilo maintainers - at least I think so anyway
(I've already reported this as a bug too).  To fix it up you should should
remove the "1" at the end of the "boot" line (or whatever partition it is).
 To read up on some LILO documentation browse the  /usr/doc/lilo directory.


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