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Re: make modules_install: a vote for user friendliness

>>>>> "Will" == Will Lowe <lowe@eecis.udel.edu> writes:

    Will> This might be going to the wrong list, but I don't think I
    Will> subscribe to debian-devel.  Maybe it actually goes to the
    Will> linux kernel people.  Anyway:

    Will> Shouldn't <make modules_install> 1) automatically purge the
    Will> /lib/modules/* tree before installing?  2) update
    Will> /etc/modules and conf.modules?

If you use the 'kernel-package' Debian package, things will work
exactly this way.

You just run make menuconfig/config/xconfig/whatever, and then run:

make-kpkg --revision whatever.1.0 kernel_image

(you can replace 'whatever' with whatever ;)

and voila! you'll have a new .deb package of your kernel and modules
and other assorted goodies in /usr/src. :)

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