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Re: Mouse not responding (gpm)

> Has anyone had any problems with the mouse not responding?
> The mouse was/is working fine, (MS serial mouse), however
> when I attempt to load-up x-windows, the mouse does not 
> respond at all.
> I have checked the /etc/gpm.conf and tried other serial
> ports such as ttyS0 through ttyS3, and still nothing works.
> Any help to resolve this would be appreciated.

the way X accesses your mouse is specified in /etc/X11/XF86Config.  To make 
gpm and X don't conflict, specify /dev/gpmdata as the mouse device in the 
pointer section of XF86Config, and add append="-R"   in /etc/gpm.conf.  After 
restarting both X and gpm, everything should be working right.


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