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Re: POP3 Mailing List

On Thu, 10 Jul 1997, Alexander Gieg wrote:

> I know this isn't a Debian specific question, but I don't
> know another place where I could ask. I was looking for
> about 3 hours for the mailing list of the developers of the POP3
> daemon, and don't found it. I've searched in Altavista, Infoseek,
> Dejanews, www.linux.org, www.gnu.ai.mit.edu etc... :-(

     i'm almost sure there's no stuff like this. Anyway, a good search
among the RFCs could help you.

     done. aldrin leal <aldrin@amazonline.com.br>

(personally, i'm doing some work involving pop3. if you have any trouble,
you can contact me) 

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