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Audio support

I apologize in advance for being such a newbie at Linux, but I do know a

I managed to install the Debian base set along with X11, and got it all
up and running, even got the Afterstep package up, that was easy and
straightforward.  When I tried to recompile the kernel to add in sound
support, things started to get weird.
I have used Slackware in the past (i didn't like it at all) and I got
the sound up and running fine.  When I download the kernel-source
package, and get all the compilers and everything that I *think* I need
and install them, running 'make config' works fine until I get to the
sound card section.  After asking several sound card questions, I get
error messages stating that stdio.h and 4 other *.h files could not be

If anyone could suggest to me how to start fresh, what packages to DL
and what commands to run to get a sound supporting kernel, I'd be very
happy.  I think Debian is pretty cool, and hopefully its users are
supportive on this ML.. =)

Jason Westervelt


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