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Re: Anyone available that I can call???

When I run ldconfig here is what it says....

ldconfig:  warning:  can't open /usr/lib/libc.so (No such file or
directory),  skipping
ldconfig:  warning:  can't open /usr/lib/libm.so (No such file or
directory),  skipping

When I look for these files they point to:

libc.so  -> /lib/libc.so.5.4.33  This file don't exist but there is a
libm.so -> /lib/libm.so.5.0.9   This file also does not exist but is a

How would I fix this???


BR>From: bigt@ourtownusa.com
BR>> Now to the problems. I start dselect, choose ftp as access method, do
BR>> an update this works, select my packages, start install. And then
BR>> it stops with the dpkg-message referring to can't map /lib/libc5.

BR>Just to see if you get lucky, become root and run "ldconfig". That might
BR>solve this problem. If it does not, please give us the entire text of the
BR>message when dselect quits, and tell us exactly what you are doing when
BR>you get to that message. Your best bet would be to fix this problem, so
BR>that you can install using dselect.

BR>You are not talking to a brick wall. You do have to give us better
BR>information, though, otherwise we will have no idea of what is happening
BR>on your system.

BR>Regarding whether buying a CD would help, it might help you install
BR>faster, but we give the same customer service either way.

BR>	Thanks

BR>	Bruce
BR>Bruce Perens K6BP   bruce@pixar.com   510-215-3502
BR>Finger bruce@master.debian.org for PGP public key.
BR>PGP fingerprint = 88 6A 15 D0 65 D4 A3 A6  1F 89 6A 76 95 24 87 B3
This email originated from ourtownusa.com.

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