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Re: X-capable mail reader

Clint Adams wrote:

> > Currently I'm using xmh and it's just not cutting the
> > 200+ emails I see a day.  I like the MH features, I
> > just need multiple inboxes, which it doesn't do :(
> EXMH is much better.  The latest unstable version is 2.0delta.  I don't know
> if it's in /debian/project/experimental yet.  I would recommend it over
> 1.6.9.

There's also Emacs using mh-e (and font-lock).  I personally think
that an editor is a natural place to be to do mail, which consists
mostly of editing text (and moving messages around, which Emacs does 

As for multiple mailboxes, I *think* that's in the the range of MH's
extensive capabilities.  If not, use procmail to sort mail before MH ever
sees it!
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