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Re: RFC: Prospective Kernel-Compiling mini-HOWTO

In message <[🔎] 199706241856.NAA28839@mango.mymenus.com>, writes:
  >>   boot=/dev/hda3
  >This should read
  >	boot=/dev/hda
  >no?  Debian's installation gets this wrong, listing the boot device as
  >a partition on the disk, when you're supposed to use the whole disk.
  >This has caused problems for me, until I noticed it and changed it
  >back to /dev/hda.
  >Perhaps I'm wrong,
I have no problems using this approach; but I just read through the user
documentation again and it does indeed say that when Linux is on a primary
partition on the first hard drive, the boot parameter should be omitted
so that lilo is put in the MBR.  It does not explain why.

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